There is an initial list, which may be increased in the future.

The copies will be made with a digital plotter on high quality photographic paper, and will be presented in double cartridges (UV filter), in matt or glossy finish.

Prices, according to the size, will be the following:

  • Size: 90 x 150 cm.: 40.000 pts/240,4 Euros
  • Size: 70 x 90 cm.: 30.000 pts/180,3 Euros
  • Size: 50 x 70 cm.: 20.000 pts/120,2 Euros
The originals are slides of 6 x 7 cm, and the highest possible precision has been achieved, with no photomontage or chromatic manipulation, except for a minimum of "cleaning" in the digitalized image. We present only one reference image in compressed form. Proof of the quality can be observed in the detail of the Photograph "Alhambra 3".

All photographs are the copyright of the author, Juan Manuel GOMEZ SEGADE (who has the right to take legal action in the case of unauthorised reproduction of any of them), and the photographs are signed by the author.

  •  "ALHAMBRA" Series:
In this first series on the most frequently visited historical monument in Spain, we are presenting a sequence of the same framing in different lights. The shots were taken on different days in the spring of 1998, in special circumstances with atmospheric clarity and thermal conditions which permitted monitoring the different variants in light in these three exceptional shots from the bell tower of the lower church of San Miguel in the AlbayzÝn area: the Alhambra, the silhouette of Sierra Nevada and the sky changing colour according to the solar radiation, the diffused tones, or the artificial lighting which gradually replaces the sunlight.

Alhambra 1: The Alhambra Castle with Sierra Nevada in the background in full daylight. Alhambra 2: The Alhambra and Sierra Nevada at the beginning of the afternoon.

Alhambra 3: The Alhambra and Sierra Nevada at the beginning of sunset.
Detail: A sample of the real definition of this photograph.

This last photograph is the most dreamt of one of the city; it is difficult to achieve, because of the particular circumstances necessary for this shot, whose chromatic combinations may not occur for a long period of time, or even years. We are aware that this is the first time that such light has been photographed and published as a poster in the format announced in this web site. The reddish hues, both of the Nazarite palaces and the Sierra Nevada, can be seen frequently, but the exotic touch is the simultaneous reddish tone of the Alhambra and the deep yellow of the snow, due to its height (2,500 - 3,481 m. as opposed to the 750 m of the "red hill").

This is the spectacular "Sunset" referred to by the U.S. President, Bill Clinton, on his visit to Granada in 1998, and which he described as "The most beautiful in the world".

Alhambra 4: The sky is still cold, but the last red rays over the Alhambra melt smoothly into the pinkish tones of the snowy background.

Alhambra 5: Pink reflections in the sky predominate over the shadowy fortress, while the floodlighting comes on gradually.

Alhambra 6: When the sun sets, the snow becomes almost white again, and the Alhambra becomes the centre for the floodlights which focus on it. Alhambra 7: Night has not yet fallen, but in the distant Sierra, the snowploughs are flattening the snow on the pistes, and leaving their tiny sparkling trail of lights over the mountain sky clothed in the colour of the sea.
Camino del Sacromonte: This shot is taken at dawn from the road along Sacromonte; fig trees and electricity wires form a frame for the "palace acropolis" of a thousand faces.

  • "MIST" Series:
Who says that only the transparency of the light is the charm of the city of the Alhambra? The mist and the haze which shroud its silhouettes are just as magical. Here are some signs of an enchantment which is less appreciated, but just as hypnotic and admirable. These shots are taken from the Hill of San Cristobal, looking across the magical horizon of the Albayzin-Alhambra-Sierra Nevada, and with the city at its feet, clustered around the majestic bulk of the Cathedral.

Mist 1: a panoramic view of holy horizons: Christian convents, Dar-al-Horra Palace, and the Fortress of the Alhambra.
Mist 2: XI century Alhacaba wall in the foreground, and Santa Isabel la Real Convent, the Alhambra and the Horse Peak of the Sierra Nevada. Mist 3: The same view, but in the green of springtime.

Mist 4: Granada Cathedral shrouded in mist and surrounded by anonymous buildings.

  • "GRANADA LIGHT" Series:
The same emblematic views of Granada, taken from the flat roofs of the modern Hotel Luz (Light); from here we can reconstruct the panoramic views reproduced in past centuries by artists and travellers from all over Europe.
Granada Light 1: A panoramic view of the hills and plain between San Cristobal and the Cathedral. Granada Light 2: The Cathedral in the afternoon sun.
Granada Light 3: The Zenete district, with the mountains in the background. Granada Light 4: The same panoramic view, a few minutes later.

  • "ALBAYZIN" Series:
Here are just two views of the Albayzin Moorish district, in constant harmonious dialogue with the Alhambra.
Albayzin 1: A contrast of lines, ageing whitewashed fašades, abundant foliage over garden walls, and the Alhambra as a permanent counterpoint of landscape assessment. Albayzin 2: Pond in the Casa del Chapiz (at present housing the School of Arabic Studies), with the Alhambra appearing between the reflection of the cypresses.
Albayzin 3: The same Casa del Chapiz earlier on another day; the Alhambra in semi-darkness, as always. This was a well-calculated and studied frame, but the orange appeared by surprise, and without realising it, transformed and highlighted the mysterious atmosphere. Albayzin 4: When we returned to the same location to try our luck two years later, the pond was covered with water lilies.

  • "YELLOW" Series:
After a period of five years of drought and two continuous months of rain, the valley was covered with a mantle of intense yellow, so vast that it will be difficult ever to see Granada again behind such a sea of wildflowers.

Yellow 1

Yellow 2